Laser Point = Cold Laser Plus Dry Needling

We have been getting great success at our Houma chiropractic clinic here at Back & Neck Pain Relief with a technique we call the Laser Point Protocol.

This protocol combines two techniques together, bringing the unique benefits of each to produce a powerful protocol that has really helped a lot of our patients.

The technique begins with the dry needling protocol with the needles being positioned at the base of the skull in this instance. It is a painless procedure, almost akin to acupuncture. 

Once all the needles are in place, we bring out our Class IV cold laser. We then bring the laser over the needles to apply some laser energy into the tissue.

The two techniques actually work on different areas of the complaint, to help relieve pain.

There is no burning or any discomfort with this laser therapy, it is very comfortable although some patients have said they feel a slight warming sensation with the laser.

The Laser Point procedure is a very simple procedure and is tolerated by a great many patients very easily.

It has helped many to help manage or even eliminate their pain, could it help you too? See how it works by watching the video below. Click onto our YouTube channel to view more videos of other techniques that could help you. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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