Houma Marine Researcher Finds Low Back Pain Relief

Here at our Houma clinic, we love to see our patients getting results. The video below chronicles some of the experience and treatment that our marine researcher went through to alleviate his low back pain.

Our patient had been complaining of recurring low back pain, including some numbness in the extremities of his legs. As the pain increased, he found his range of motion decreased which resulted in a loss of mobility. Ultimately, he put it down to old age and the effects of his job as a marine researcher as years doing his job meant his body was subject to many hardships.

However, upon discovering Dr Bryan Dufrene and Back & Neck Pain Relief in Houma, he has managed to get a lot of his loss of motion back.

Dr Dufrene examined him and discovered disc degeneration in many areas of his back which would cause the pain and pinched nerves which had the effect of tingling in his legs.

He was put on a treatment plan to address these issues, which you’ll see on the video. The treatment plan included non surgical spinal decompression which helped to relieve pressure on his spine. Recovery from the conditions included a strengthening program to help strengthen his back to minimize future potential problems.

If you suffer from back pain or tingling in your arms or legs, call Dr Dufrene’s office (985) 655-4373 to make an appointment and see if you are a candidate for this type of treatment.

Watch the video below, find out how our patient went from being in pain and discomfort to getting his range of motion back thanks to Dr Dufrene and Back & Neck Pain Relief in Houma.


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