What is Chiro Trust?

What is Chiro Trust is  a question I’m often asked. You’ve probably seen a logo on our site and also when you’ve come into our practice here at our Houma LA chiropractor clinic. This is the Chiro Trust logo, and it is a group of doctors that I belong to. This group is nationwide and it forms the mantra of the way we treat and help patients. It is split into three sections, Convenient, Affordable, and Mainstream. So, what does it mean to be a part of Chiro Trust? And more importantly, how does it help you, our patients?

Let’s firstly start with the pledge. Yes, there is a pledge that every chiropractor makes when joining this group.

“To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream chiropractic care.

I will not use unnecessary long term treatment plans, and/or therapies.”

So what do these three mantra mean, convenient, affordable, and mainstream?


Our appointment system makes it very convenient for you to come in and get treated. All you need to do is call us, tell us when you want to come in during our office hours, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.


We understand how the medical system works in America. It is mostly geared against the patient. With this in mind, we will treat you as affordably as possible. We try to work with as many networks as possible. Furthermore we keep treatments to as many as you need, so no long term treatment plans.


As all Chiro Trust doctors are mainstream, it means we are kept up to date with everything new in the chiropractic world. Many of the articles you see posted on my Facebook wall link to a blog covering articles written by one of the top chiros in the US, Dr Dan Murphy. Our aim is to provide top level care to our patients while receiving the latest information on what works.

Ultimately, we will not commit you to any long therapies. If you need one adjustment and don’t come back til you need another, that is fine. If it takes a few sessions to get you to feel better, that’s fine too. But we’re not getting anywhere with you, then we will help you find the right answer and doctor(s) to solve your problem. In other words, we’re here for you as much as you need us.

That is essentially the answer to what is Chiro Trust. It’s a group of doctors across the nation who have taken a pledge, receive the latest information on what works in the chiropractic field, and whose aim is to provide you with convenient, affordable and mainstream care.

Feel free to call us with any questions (985) 655-4373.

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