Dr Dufrene Houma Chiro Treats Neck Pain and Helps Depression

One of our most regular patients has been coming to see us at our Houma chiropractic clinic for several years now, and originally came in with a great deal of neck pain and was quite depressed. He had tried many different healthcare options, but none had the answer for his pain until he was recommended Back & Neck Pain Relief in Houma by his mother.

His original complaint was severe neck pain which affected down his spine. It was found that he had a bulging disc in his spine and was treated for it. Although he didn’t expect miracles, he certainly felt his prayers had been answered as the treatment greatly reduced his pain levels and thus helped lift his depression.

Despite being in much better condition, he still comes back for weekly treatment to ensure any problems are dealt with swiftly and to keep him in as good condition as possible. For his regular weekly visits, he uses the dry needling treatment which helps his back, neck, and feet. Dr Dufrene has also advised a series of exercises to help him manage his pain levels, which he says has helped him significantly.

Techniques used in the video include use of the adjusting table which has a motorized motion that helps to give traction to the spine, and enables Dr Dufrene to use his decompression instrument which uses a juttering motion which breaks up adhesions and scar tissue in the vertibrae. It is a comfortable treatment and doesn’t require any popping or cracking of the bones as it helps realign joints to improve proper function and thus restore range of motion.

His treatment also includes use of a piece of equipment known as the Medex. It is considered by many to be the best piece of rehab equipment available. In fact, there are over 30 patents on their machine with over 70 published research articles on it. One of it’s key features is its ability to isolate the lower back, meaning the hips and legs and other areas of the body are removed from the equation, forcing the patient to use the lower back, thus focusing the exercise on it. Check it out at the 5:27 mark on the video below.

The treatment is of course non invasive and provides a conservative approach to pain relief and can often be a great alternative to surgery.

Back & Neck Pain Relief has great solutions for its patients in treating and rehabilitating all kinds of back and neck pain. 

If you are suffering, why not make an appointment to see Dr Dufrene? First consultation is free, and he will be able to examine you and see what can be done to help your pain. Call now, (985) 655-4373 and schedule your appointment.


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