Ways to Treat Back Pain at Home

It’s normally typical that you get back pain on a Friday evening when it is difficult to get any help from your Houma LA chiropractor. Thankfully, you are not alone as there are ways to treat back pain at home until you are able to get in to see Dr Dufrene to be treated properly. This post aims to give you four simple solutions to manage your back pain until such time you can come in.


Ice your back. Get an ice pack and place on the affected area for around 15 minutes. Do not leave it on for any longer. Then, take it off for 20 minutes to half an hour and then re-apply for 15 minutes. Do this once more. This will help reduce inflammation to the area, and thus take pressure off.

Topical Analgesic

Any topical analgesic like Biofreeze is a great way to treat back pain at home. Apply to the affected area and you should see some relief.

TENs Units

TENs units are great for back pain relief because they help block the pain signals to your brain and provide you with some needed relief.

Best way to use these is to apply the sticky pads to the afflicted area, and use for about half an hour.

An important tip with TENs units is to never give control to anyone else, especially children! Start the unit off on the lowest setting and then build up. We’ve heard many cases of people giving control over and getting a big jolt. This doesn’t help their backs.

Back Brace

If you have one, a back brace is a superb way of helping treat back pain at home. As put it on, it compressed your spine, which in turn helps to decompress the joints which will give some relief. Wear it for an hour or so.

Each of these treatments should help your pain. You can use any or a combination of all four. Do it daily and you should get relief. If after a few days you aren’t, give us a call at Back & Neck Pain Relief and we’ll assess and treat you to get rid of that pain.

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