This is my latest dry needling patient. She had been suffering from lower back pain for a while. It had got to the point where she struggled to get out of bed each day and even do normal tasks around the home. She had tried medication, trigger point therapy and other treatments, but none worked.

She came into Back and Neck Pain Relief here in Houma, and after a consultation and examination, we put her on a schedule of dry needling treatment. After several visits, she was feeling much better and… well, why don’t you listen for yourself. Click play and listen to her experience, and see how we helped her too.

This has helped her. Can it help you? Give us a call 985-655-4373 now and be our latest successful dry needling patient.

We will be producing many more videos showing treatments and publishing them to our YouTube channel. Subscribe now and keep up to date with our latest techniques and treatments.

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